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2010 / Touring

Opera is the main operational information system at Touring. It is used by the Front office and the Back office

I was responsible for the Functional analysis on Opera Backoffice.

I was continuously in relation with the back office claims manager, keyusers, developers and IT project leader. For some specific subjects, i had to interviewed other Business actors from different departments, such as Accounting, Marketing, B2C...

My goal was to catch Business needs and transform it into a functional solution that can be used by developers.

Subjects were various. Sometimes a change in law required a change. For example, the taxation for non SEPA transfers requires us to do that IBAN is mandatory for UE bank accounts. This was not only a validation rule to change, it was necessary to identify the impacts on the invoice scanning. Sometimes Business identify a possible Quickwin. CherryPicking was like it. It was a simple idea, but involving complex changes, with an important Business goal.